Street photography

Street photography one of my favorite genres. 

I like myself stepping over my own fears and capturing unique moments of human activities.

Lady in Black

It was a Sports Day in Emirates National School in Al Ain. I come to make some photos of my nephew. In a middle of event, through view-finder, I see a lady staring at me. We look at each other for few seconds, while i am hesitating to shoot or not. (United Arab Emirates, Al Ain, 2009)

Bench for three

(United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2014)

Way in and out

The doors from Dubai Mall right into Dubai Fountain boulevard. You can meet here different people: locals, shoppers, travelers, wanderers and many others. (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2014)

Family picture

Arabic family making pictures of themselves. (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2014)

Adventurer's Break

An adventurer resting on a bench in Down Town Dubai. (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2014)


A couple, dressed in Arabic traditional dress, sitting on a bench in Dubai Fountain boulevard. (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2014)

Lady with a cart

The cart is chained to the wall. Under it used plastic cup and crumpled paper tissue. In such cups in Dubai usually sell tea. Looks like she just finished her tea and waiting for someone or just sat when passing by? (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2008)

Lady with seagulls

A lady dressed in abaya surrounded by seagulls on Jumeirah Public Beach. (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2009)

Couple on a bench

A couple, probably tourists, resting on a bench. (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 2008)