Kolomna, Russia

I am in Russian city Kolomna all summer 2016. Here is some great shots I've did during my stay. Enjoy.

Caught in heavy rain

All night and first half of the day was raining, then clouds disappeared and it was normal lovely sunny day, so we go out for a walk.
Suddenly, after 30 minutes weather is changed and sky covered by clouds and heavy rain started unexpectedly.
We are not only ones who was being caught.
(Kolomna, Russia. July, 2016)

Boy with hedgehog

Collecting wild raspberries

(Kolomna, Russia. July, 2016)

Overlook on Akatievo village

(Kolomna, Russia. July, 2016)

You shook me all night long

Unknown band performing "You shook me all night long" AC/DC on the river bank of Oka river.
You may see short video with this moment on my Instagram here.
(Kolomna, Russia. June, 2016)

Old box is my best toy

Young feral kitten, approx two month old, playing with old wooden box. While his mother chilling in this box.
There total four kittens in the litter, born inside roof ceiling of fisherman's lodge.
They now grew and go outside for sun and games, they very shy of people and always run away if anyone get in sight.
It takes me around 40 minutes of patience to make them comfortable of my presence.
But they do not let to touch them, anyway...
(Kolomna, Russia. June, 2016)

Happiness of two

(Kolomna, Russia. June, 2016)

River traffic

(Kolomna, Russia. June, 2016)